WNYC & Open Data

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When the community data portal was first spun up earlier this year, our belief was that Open Data should not just be limited to data published by the City, it should also include data from disparate organizations & constituents that had data & analyses to share about the City.

With that belief, we knew we needed to seed the portal with great data that people care about. That’s why WNYC was one of the first organizations we reached out to. And we’re glad to report that they’ve been very responsive, releasing data, in several instances, hours after our requests.

This comes as no surprise, as WNYC’s Data News team has always been at the forefront of 21st century news, with all the great projects they’ve created over the years that is a reliable source of data-driven storytelling in this age of listicles. Projects like MeanStreets & the Memorial, Transit Time, NYC Vaccination, School Traffic Zones, and more, creating even “unconventional” open data like their NYS/NYC FOIL Resources compilation, and their free NYC Scenes Stock Photo library below:

Since then, we’ve had success petitioning other organizations to share data, often pointing out WNYC’s data sharing practices.

With their great example, we’re hopeful that we’re well on our way to create a federated Data Commons - where each neighborhood, block association, BID, community district, business, school - any organization that has data to share about the City, publishes and freely shares data with the wider community.

So for us #opendata geeks, be sure to to call out WNYC’s open data sharing practices when you re-up as a member during the next fund drive! :smile: