Where do I access voter data from April 19th NY Primary?

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(Ron Suarez) #1

I was a Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders in the NY 14th Congressional District. There was a wide discrepancy between voter ID info that I collected during door to door canvassing and what the election results reported. So, I’m particularly interested in being able to visualize the data while employing various filters.

(Tim) #2

Based on my experience with election results, it take a while before the data is posted on the BOE website and made available to the General public. The NY Times had an excellent map with very detailed data. You may be able to reach out to them and see if they would be willing to share the data I thinks the more folks that request the press to share their data the more likely that will happen. I have been trying to get Newsday to share data with me, but they just need to be convince of the value.