What features would you like to see on CityGram?

What features would you like to see on CityGram.nyc

This is a really great tool, thanks for working on it. Two more features to track that people may find helpful:

  • Road construction schedule. (street closures, directional changes, repaving, etc.). I don’t see this data set with actual locations, only addresses and cross streets, not sure how we can resolve this.
  • Street activities. Inform people what street fairs and events are going on around them that week.

I know from Brooklyn CB 6 meetings that board members are constantly complaining about the city not informing them of roadwork in the district. This could make City Gram particularly useful to them.

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Noel and I briefly discussed the other night of the subscription management.

I discovered CityGram.NYC a while ago, likely through hacker news or something similar. I did not register as I couldn’t find information on anything regarding:

  • Privacy policy
  • Unsubscribe features

I believe the first could be easily solved with some clear text in the about section.

The unsubscribe feature is essentially subscription management, the idea of a profile could be achieved by using the delivery target as the authentication system, eg:

SMS enter phone number to login, enter code received from sms to confirm, list all subscriptions for that number, allow unsubscription.

Email exactly the same as above, but it’s an email with a link.

Has there been any additional discussion around the issue of account management?

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This is a good point to bring up. We haven’t had any discussion on it yet. We might want to mock out the user experience and user test it in an upcoming meetup.

I’m curious how many people are opted into receive SMS notification right now. I imagine many people being annoyed by the constant stream of SMS notifications and wanting to turn them off.

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