What datasets would you like to see on Citygram.nyc?

Currently, Citygram.nyc https://www.citygram.nyc/ notifies users of all
311 complaints in a selected area near an explicated address. It doesn’t
have (yet) the option to receive notifications on more specific topics,
such as restaurant inspection results, notifications from the Department of
Mental Health, or complaints on noise/heat/hot water, illegal
parking, potholes, illegal dumping, homeless assistance, etc.

Any ideas on datasets to add?


@fma2 Don’t forget to cross post this on the CodeAcross projects / problem page.

Ok will do!

Here’s a very interesting take on citygram. They have flipped the search to being address first, dataset second. I think this methodology is better than, data > location.

try 12 Lee Ave as a search

Here a github ticket outlining the requirements.

I like this methodology, too. @dirkkelly what do you think? We might not be able to do this immediately but perhaps in the future.

I absolutely agree that is a nicer approach.

In the interest of getting back to the coa root branch maybe it would be good creating an issue about this on their github page https://github.com/codeforamerica/citygram/issues/new