Welcome to CodeAcross NYC 2015!

(Noel Hidalgo) #1

Welcome to CodeAcross NYC 2015

CodeAcross and International Open Data Day are two complementary events that are happening on February 21st & 22nd. As BetaNYC is connected to the Code for America Brigade Program, we are hosting our third annual event. This year we are tweaking the game plan and turning it into a #civictech and #opendata festival!!

Consider this category to be your one stop shop for all CodeAcross NYC 2015 discussions.

PS - Don’t forget to register!!
PPS - This tool is in beta. :wink:

##Important topics to note

  • Introductions
    We use the unconference model of introduction, hop into this thread and post why you are coming to Code Across.

  • I wan to learn about X / host a conversation about Y.
    Like other unconferences we want to know what you want learn / host a conversation about. Join this and help us map out the day.

  • Problems / Projects
    If you have an idea or a project you want to work on, advertise it in this group.

##How to post to the CodeAcross NYC 2015 category

  • Create a talk.beta.nyc profile, and update your group subscription settings.
  • Then you can email talk+ca15@beta.nyc and new posts will appear here.
  • When other people post, you will get notified and you can use your email inbox just like other mailing lists.
  • Alternatively, you can shut down email notifications and use the web interface.

##A safe place for all

BetaNYC is committed to hosting safe and open spaces for all. This is an open group who’s archives are available to the public. Also, there are members who working within NYC’s government. They are here to help improve our open data ecosystem. Please offer constructive feedback.

By participating in this space you are committing yourself to BetaNYC’s Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy. http://bit.ly/betanyc-coc

(Volkan Unsal) #5

What do you think of naming the category just “CodeAcrossNYC”? We might want to use it again next year…

(Noel Hidalgo) #6

I thought about it, and thought that it might be more confusing later…