Week Activities

(Xiaolong Li) #1

Continuing the discussion from Week 16 - Journals:

This week was a little stress, because we had to get up earlier than we used to. Because there were so many professional people and professional events, i got up at 8 am and be MBPO 1t 9am, this was a little hard for me.
however when I met so professional people in the office, I felt it was a great chance to come to the meeting.

On Thursday I met CUNY executive members. and talk about the history of CUNY, that let me learn about this college helped so many families and contributing to the city, the nation.

On Friday I met community boards members, that is another chance to meet them get together. Just after meeting, I saw the CB01 director, then I go to talked to her about our interview. that makes our first interview getting easier to reach out them.