Water Quality Data

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(mytapwater) #1

I’ve been playing around with drinking water quality data. If you have any experience with water data or related areas, I’d love to talk (here or email, whatever).

Fwiw - the site is focused on US drinking water, but I’ve been thinking about drilling more deeply into cities where a) more people live and b) water data tends to be more thorough/regular.


(Joanna Oltman Smith) #2

Can’t help much, but I noticed that the contact for NYC Water Supply is woefully out of date. The person listed hasn’t worked for DEP for over a year…

Cool site! I’d like links on all the specific contaminants listed to learn more about them individually.


(mytapwater) #3

Thank you! That’s an interesting point. That data is provided from the EPA records, which are themselves both out of data and the the best data available when you are pulling information for many public water supplies at once. With the huge data pulls done we are now starting to look into pulling from state and local sources so hopefully the data gets better and better.

If any one else has any insights or thoughts, please do reach out!