Understanding data sets of reported crimes in NYC

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My goal is to get some informed guidance through NYC datasets on crimes reported.

An initial look at the BetaNYC Discourse forums suggests it’s been a few years since this has question has been asked. I think there’s a lot of public confusion out there on Twitter about crime rates, and ambiguity in what’s getting counted over what time periods.

I see there exists the following.

  1. NYC open data set named “NYPD Complaint Data Current (Year To Date)” that has rows through 12-31-21. Is that canonical and most-current?

  2. There’s a dataset with lots of views named “NYPD Complaint Data Historic,” millions of rows, not immediately clear the latest date in its rows.

  3. There’s also a CompStat portal from NYPD but I’m not sure if that’s the same dataset, or also if it’s apples-to-apples. I see there’s a data page with Excel downloads (month-over-month and year to date), I haven’t checked those files out yet.

  4. I see there’s an outside page called “Jacob Kaplan’s Concatenated Files: Uniform Crime Reporting Program Data”. I see the term “UCR” used but I haven’t loooked into its precise definition yet.

If there already exists a resource on a blog, like one from CUNY, or an activist group like NYC DSA, or community groups like the NYC Budget Justice Campaign, or a crime reporter, please point me in the right direction. I tried searching around a bit before asking and the old resources were several years old. I’m on Twitter if DM’ing is easiest.