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(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #1

These topics emerged within the Effective and Open Government topic area at The People’s Roadmap Workshop – Manhattan Edition (December 7, 2017). Use this thread to continue that discussion!

Community thoughts about Current State

  • I think the world lacks a proper medium for public debate. Social media & news channels do not allow for arguments & reasonings to persist, preventing any kind of sophistication to develop in public discourse.
  • Govt’ orgs that release well-informed data don’t always use it themselves.

Community thoughts about Desired Future State

  • Increasing “ordinary citizen” open data utilization
  • Politicians emails, chats, texts, etc. should be made public under FOIA in real time rather than periodically in batches.
  • Add “Provide usable data to the public” to the mission statement of every city agency.