Trying out Slack to facilitate team coordination and communication


We’re trying out Slack as a way to make it easier for people to get an overview of what’s going on and communicate with one another;

Drop a comment to get access or send me an email mikael [at] for access.

Let’s see how it goes!


And you can take advantage of Slack’s RSS integration to tie in postings from CROL working group. The RSS feed for this working group is at:

Love how we’re using best-of-breed tools and just loosely coupling it together - CKAN+Discourse+GitHub+CartoDB+Slack+??? - the Unix Toolchain rules!

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@mikael we have a betaNYC slack at Why not centralize this?

@noneck good idea! Will look into that tonight!

@jqnatividad Thanks for the tips and sharing the article!:slight_smile:

@mikael I see that you already have a betanyc.slack account as @mikaelmh.

@cds @bahijnyc @Marc @mattalhonte - the four of you also are already on BetaNYC’s slack channel. Look for #CROW-aka-city-record

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