Tomorrow's Hacknight +

Just to continue the discussion from a previous post but make it more specific to tomorrow’s (March 4th) hacknight – as many of you know, is a geographic notification platform forked from Code for America’s Citygram and designed to work with open government data. It allows residents to designate area(s) of a city they are interested in and subscribe to one or more topics. When an event for a desired topic occurs in the subscriber’s area of interest, a notification is delivered via email or SMS.

Currently, there are only two topics to which one can subscribe: all 311 complaints and all traffic collisions. Of course, there is a lot of room for growth in available topics, and needs your help!

As a NYC resident, about what would you like to get notifications? How can you contribute to make even better?

At hacknight this Wednesday, we’ll be working on adding data feeds to, and we’d love for you to come with your data feed wishlist–either to hacknight or just post that list in talk.

Think about the data on – which datasets contain information that would be useful as notifications? In addition, if you have a chance, practice setting up a connector with help from Code for America’s Getting Started with Citygram.

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