Thinking creatively about a large-scale data project

(Derek Thomas) #1


I am new to this group, but am looking to connect with the open data community in general, and to brainstorm about a project I’m working on related to federal budget impacts on nyc’s social safety net. I am a year into the project and am well funded for a launch party in January, and would like to collaborate with someone who can help me think creatively (or commission entirely) an interactive exhibit related to the project to foster greater engagement. As an example, I was inspired by Jill Hubley’s Broken Windows + Pink Tickets exhibit at the Data by Design event.


(nwhysel) #2

Sounds really interesting. I’m working on a financial wellness product. There may be some synergies.

(Derek Thomas) #3

I’d love to learn more!

(David Moore - PPF) #4

I stopped by the Forums here to see if there was a thread on any climate projects - I was inspired by a Tweet that I just saw from journalist Andrew Revkin, after a recent podcast w/ Hayza.

I’m afraid I don’t have bandwidth now for another volunteer project, have a couple going, but I’d be interested in how we can take advantage of the skills and energy that BetaNYC has with mapping to help build awareness of housing policy in likely-to-be-extremely-flood-prone NYC areas.

I do realize great work has been done previously - Dec. 2013 ProPublica, I see you Al & Jeff - and what could come out of an updated version of this would be a scorecard (as with Fight For the Future, on net neutrality) of city elected officials and agencies re: vulnerability reduction and tax incentives for responsible construction policy - i.e., which Council members are leading the way (some definitely are) on city planning. Just typing on an area of opportunity.