Tech Advice Needed for Legislation to Help Kids Get to College

(Adam Davis) #1

Hello all,

My name is Adam and I work for a politician in New York. We are working on legislation that would provide graduating high school seniors with a prefilled college application in order to increase attendance to college. This would require some sort of portal that scans students’ demographic and academic data and uploads it to a personal, password protected account. This would also ideally provide them with a sense of the financial aid they are entitled to before applying.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to a technology expert and have zero idea how much this would cost. Could anyone provide a ROUGH estimate of how much this would cost? There are ~186,000 seniors in the state. We have no idea if this technology would cost $500 thousand or $500 million. Any input would be of great assistance.

Thank you so much for your help. We really need some technological input in order to help kids attend college. If you would like to reach me outside of this forum my email is and my number is 212-828-3953.