Talk Is Sending Emails Again

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(Dirk Kelly) #1

Hi everyone

Talk has not been sending emails for the past couple of weeks due to a change with our email provider. We’ve made fixes to the underlying systems as well as the organization of our team so that we can better manage these issues in the future.

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(Dirk Kelly) #2

(Dirk Kelly) #3

Anyone else getting a barrage of digest emails now?

(Dirk Kelly) #4

It looks like databot has bugged out, I’ve blocked the user for now.

Whoever is maintaining should contact me.

(Noel Hidalgo) #5

@jqnatividad is to “blame” for @databot. We need to sync up with him to fit our broken data.

(Noel Hidalgo) #6

it appears databot came back from the dead.

i have banned it again.

damn these bots.