Tableau Public 9.0 now available!

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(Joel Natividad) #1

As an engineer by training, I know I’m sometimes guilty of re-inventing the wheel.

And I often remind myself, that for a small, resource-constrained organization like ours, "the best 10x programmers are the lazy programmers" - that’s why we choose to stand on the shoulders of great tools like CKAN, Discourse and CartoDB.

And even though we have a heavy bias towards open source (since we can build on it, rather than just use it), we’re also open to tools that just works!

And Tableau Public is one of those tools. Because sometimes, you don’t need to build a viz from scratch as we attempt to humanize data.

And since our CKAN instance supports OData, you can connect Tableau Public to without shelling out thousands of dollars.

And it couldn’t be simpler. Just click on the button when you see it, and copy the OData URL and use it to connect Tableau.

Here’s a sample Tableau viz I whipped up during CodeAcross:

Looking forward to seeing your Tableau Public vizzes!

Download the FREE Tableau Public here.

(Amal) #2

@joelbcastillo, this looks pretty cool. Gonna have to check it out when I have time.

(John) #3

Some of the best Tableau tutorials.