State Wide Online Transparency Index

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(Candice DiLavore) #1

I am the Program Manager for The New York Transparency at Reclaim New York. I attended an event BetaNYC hosted at Civic Hall about a year ago about FOIA and enjoyed it very much.

The project I’m working on just launched a new online platform that allows citizens and public officials to evaluate the online transparency and accessibility of their local governments. The evaluation is conducted by matching a URL from the local government website with the corresponding indicator.

Right now, New York City is listed, but I hope to eventually expand the platform to cover City and State departments/agencies.

Anyway, I thought this community might find it interesting.

(Noel Hidalgo) #2

Hi @cdilavore! This is cool. Just to dive a bit deeper, are you asking for the public to help evaluate NY city websites?

Also, how do you ensure quality control?

(Candice DiLavore) #3

Hi @noneck ! Yes, this evaluation platform is crowd-sourced. Like I said, this is a state-wide effort right now, but I would be interested in expanding it in NYC. I imagine that the list of indicators for NYC agencies/departments will look different than the list of indicators for counties or school districts. Any recommendations on what should be available on those websites is appreciated.

In order to ensure quality control, we have verfiers who verify the links that evaluators match to indicators. This means that two people look at the link before it’s published.

Ultimately, we’re trying to improve online transparency and accessibility in state and local government. Arguably, NYC already does this a lot better than the rest of the state.