Stack End of Life

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Part of the larger discussion of running our own instance.

My question: What would it take to not be running our own instance, and instead be using citygram’s

Of course I welcome participating in this conversation, though it is certainly a bittersweet prospect.

I want to recognize @dirkkelly’s contributions to triaging and correcting an operational issue. This can be an emotional time under the best of circumstances, and to provide on a volunteer basis is above and beyond.

Of course you would be welcome on the platform and I am happy to make arrangements to facilitate. But if what’s needed is simply more support from “upstream”, I believe I could facilitate that, as well.

As it happens, I’ll be in NYC Wednesday and Thursday this coming week on CfA business. Any who are interested can reach out to me at @bigfleet on Twitter and we’ll see if we can get a meeting (or at least a chat session) scheduled.

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Hi Jim.

I was hoping I’d catch you at Beta NYC tonight, let me know if you’re around tomorrow to meet up.

I don’t necessarily think we should rush to shut down, I would however like to have redirect to our site, instead of creating confusion.

I think this would be a minimal effort pull request for myself and @excepttheweasel to build.

If you think this is something worth putting effort into, let me know!


Totally worth it. I tried to talk you into adding that when you landed the
ENV_ROOT_CITY commit in the first place!

Closed the end of life issue