Smart Cities

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(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #1

Smart Cities emerged as an Accessible Infrastructure topic area at The People’s Roadmap Workshop – Brooklyn Edition (October 19, 2017). Use this thread to continue that discussion!

Community thoughts about Current State

  • Countdown clocks on C but not at bus stops
  • I want to know what sensors are going in where
  • MTA Digital Signage
  • Disparities in using said resources for community and/or self improvement/development
  • Wifi in subway stations
  • How can we have greater ethics within internet of things?
  • Wifi is nearly ubiquitous in busy/high traffic streets

Community thoughts about Desired Future State

  • Red team/blue team exercises for smart city technologies (How could the force be used for the dark side?)
  • Education: The internet is complicated! Introduce early.
  • Well publicized rollouts
  • Wifi on buses
  • Easy to read/understand info on how wifi data us used
  • Wifi on trains (as well as platforms)
  • LoRaWan (Long range, low bandwidth IoT network)