Sign the Petition for a Bicycle Counting Totem at the Manhattan Bridge

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Hi BetaNYC,

Please take a moment to sign my petition to install a bike counting totem at the Manhattan Bridge:! A big part of this push is getting the DOT to make the live dataset available to the public.

The petition text is below:

Are you one of the countless bicyclists that crosses the Manhattan Bridge every day? Tell the city you count! Support the installation of a bicycle counting totem at the Manhattan Bridge bicycle ramp in Brooklyn.

The totem has two primary goals:
(1) Increase the number of bicycle commuters
A visible display of the number of cyclists who traversed the bridge that day is intended to encourage bicycling. Showing cyclists that they’re counted incentivizes bikers to use the route whenever possible.

(2) Give the public access to the bicycle commuting dataset
In 2014, the DOT installed sensors at the East River Bridges to run a 24/7 count of cyclist commuters. That live data should be available to the public via the city’s open data portal, Socrata. This will invite independent civic developers to create tools and visualizations that aid cyclists, and illuminate that facts about bicycling in New York.

This totem can be paired with necessary improvements to the plaza under the Manhattan Bridge, like better lighting and way-finding signage for people walking and biking across the bridge.

Spread the word about the #NYbikeTotem.
Thank you for showing your support!


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At the beginning of May the DOT released a new version of Cycling in the City, their report on bicycling statistics in NYC. That’s available here. It’s great to have the updated statistics from the agency, but true to form, they are all in this PDF with no machine-readable data to play with.

What’s even worse is that when they released the report the agency removed the old screenline count PDF that used to be available on this webpage. The screenline count tracks the number of cyclists entering the central business district across the East River bridges and at a few other main bicycle routes. I have the PDF they took down saved locally. It’s attached to this post and I’m wondering if anyone can scrape it to add the archived data to the Community Data Portal.


2012-nyc-bicycle-screen-count.pdf (34.5 KB)