Seeking Designer/Illustrator for UrbanTech Industry Landscape

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I am looking for a designer/illustrator to partner with to create a landscape - literally and figuratively - of urbantech startups and tech companies. I’ve researched 200+ companies that address the needs and wants of cities and their occupants, and now I need someone who can create the visuals/graphics.

You should be able to sketch complex cityscapes in extremely fine detail; self-directed and creative in problem-solving challenges of visually representing a dense amount of qualitative information on a single canvas; and have the mentality of an owner, not a mercenary.

This should be a 1-2 week part-time project that will be a lot of fun for the right person. To be completely clear, neither you nor I are getting paid to do this project. However the public exposure and portfolio value of the final product will be significant, particularly for someone who is interested in becoming a thought leader or otherwise gaining exposure in the city and/or civic tech space. If I didn’t deeply believe this I wouldn’t be investing so much of my own time in it!

If you are interested ping me at and let’s get started!