Revisiting what Smarter Communities means in 2018

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(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #1

In 2013, Smarter Communities was captured as follows:

The strength of New York City is rooted in its neighborhoods and communities. New York City consists of many strong, vibrant, and diverse networks. To create smarter communities, essential digital literacy skills are needed. Combined with digital civic engagement opportunities we build smarter, safer, and empowered communities. By simply making the treasure trove of City data more usable, NYC will increase accessibility, community awareness, and participation. By building upon NYC’s existing legal framework, listening to the needs of individuals and communities, and extending digital participatory programs, the City can ensure a thriving, local, and sustainable ecosystem.

New York City is already blessed with many civic communities who are integrating technology with community needs. To build smarter communities, we recommend the next administration devise and implement active listening projects, tools for community boards, and an agile strategy where community groups, individuals, and civic hackers can fully realize collective projects. Finally, the next mayor needs to refine Code Corps to be an “always-on” civic practice that builds community digital services. This collective group of collaborators will to demonstrate, educate, and grow 21st Century practitioners.

This topic is a place to discuss what Smarter Communities means in four years later. What progress has been made in the last four years? What new problems have arisen?

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