Revisiting what Education and Lifelong Learning means in 2018

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(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #1

In 2013, Education and Lifelong Learning was captured as follows:

Education and learning are lifelong processes. Literacy has proven to be the active ingredient in an empowered and prosperous democracy. Literacy has given individuals the tools for empowerment, regardless of age or socioeconomic background.

While technology has empowered a revolution, technology is not the revolution. Unprecedented access to knowledge and learning opportunities are the true revolution. For a prosperous 21st Century city, traditional skills must be augmented with digital literacy skills. In order to maximize the potential for learning, all New Yorkers need policies that encourage us to develop lifelong learning practices.

The next Administration must continue to empower educators, students, parents, community groups, and individuals with 21st Century education practices. It is essential to continue developing programming connecting those in lifelong learning programs to technology and creative industries.

This thread is a place to discuss what Education and Lifelong Learning means in four years later. What progress has been made in the last four years? What new problems have arisen?

(Benjamin Chrobot) #2

(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #3

These are the crowdsourced summary statements from The People’s Roadmap Workshop – Brooklyn Edition (October 19, 2017):

  • Education & Lifelong Learning means curriculum requirements in public schools and availability of continuing education in “digital literacy” (moving target) because technology is more and more an integral part of societal participation and a lack of digital literacy is a disadvantage on many fronts.

  • Education & Lifelong Learning means putting joy in digital/tech learning.

  • Education & Lifelong Learning means better access to instructional tools that are relevant to the changing digital landscape so that more people can better participate and prosper.

  • Education & Lifelong Learning guarantee that companies will track and optimize some percentage of money for educations, because people who use tech are better customers, citizens, humans, when they know what’s going on.

  • Education & Lifelong Learning means a healthier NYC to me because a more informed populations makes better decisions.

  • Education & Lifelong Learning means keeping up with and understanding advancements around you because there are implications and side effects from all we interact with.

  • Education & Lifelong Learning means as a technologists, staying up to date and helping other to do so because tech changes fast and while I naturally stay up to date it’s a lot.

  • Education & Lifelong Learning means access to resources because all New Yorkers deserve to know what’s available to them so they can advance their lives.

  • Education & Lifelong learning means ensuring that technology literacy is available to all peoples in a quick and iterative curriculum that changes with the environment because technological literacy should not be an opt-in model of the tech elite.

  • Education & Lifelong learning means better public education about technology/current technological trends because this stuff is confusing and constantly evolving and in a world that’s increasingly technologically-driven, we need a literate and informed population.

  • Education & Lifelong Learning means people know what questions to ask. They know what’s out there, the know what’s possible and they know how to access it.

(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #4

These are the crowdsourced summary statements from The People’s Roadmap Workshop – Manhattan Edition (December 7, 2017):

  • Education Meaning:

    • Having an awareness of the choices available to you, their alternatives and consequences and the freedom to make your choice.
    • Humans can choose a dominator or a partnership to life (Riane Eisler)
    • Humans are good, trustworthy, connection seeking.
  • Education Means:

    • Acquiring basic skills for understanding the world
    • Improving problem solving and processing
    • Acquiring specific domain knowledge - for lifelong learning - being able to investigate areas of curiosity.
  • Education Means

    • Tools and analysis mindset to solve problems (Musk, learning academy)
    • Knowing our human story, connecting us to the past
    • Ability to serve the community
  • “Education” is the process of growth. It is always lifelong. Happens best when it’s voluntary. Should be supported in all its forms. Happens through experiences. It’s drowned out by institutions and schools.

  • Education and lifelong learning means the ability to access thoughtful, meaningful, and well-designed curricula regardless of ability, socio-economic status, or personal resources.