Resources or Tips on Exploratory Data Analysis for Beginners?

(Kerry Benjamin) #1

Hello Everyone,

I recently decided to dive into the world of data and have started documenting my journey from now until January 2017 on my blog. I’m currently trying to learn EDA but can’t find a good guide or explanation on it. I know it’s an important skill for anyone who wants to work with data, especially for civic purposes.

For anyone who has experience with this, could you provide some suggestions or tips?

Ps. I don’t have a statistical background(yet) and I’m learning R.

(Joel Natividad) #2

Posting here on talk, I gather you’re also interested in learning data science thru the lens of open data.

If so, some suggestions:

  • Read
  • reach out to people like @noneck who know civil servants who have questions that can be answered with data
  • intern with companies in the space - Datakind is one. At Ontodia, we’re always looking for folks who can help us answer Qs at cities where we’re helping with their open data initiatives
  • check out NYU-CUSP
  • Join CivicHall - it’s the nexus of civictech activity
  • and finally, find (or start!) a civic project about an issue you care about, and see if you can flex your muscles in trying to answer Questions in that space

(Kerry Benjamin) #3

Thanks for your suggestions. I’m definitely going to look up this stuff, especially the internship info.

(Noel Hidalgo) #4

@kerry_benjamin1 you should take a look at these assignments. They are one place to start.