Rescue Government Data

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Hi friends. A quick note to let you know about an exciting lunch this Friday that will sell out quickly –

Rescue Government Data (RSVP)

A decentralized network of civic hackers, scientists, librarians, and archivists have come together to protect at-risk US government data. A war on empiricism threatens climate science and access to the important government data that makes it possible. This has inspired the formation of the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, an international network of academics and non-profits dedicated to monitoring and preserving environmental evidence. Read about them in Wired magazine.

We’ll talk about the organizing work they’re doing to protect these data, and most importantly, how you can help fortify and rescue government data. Spread the word about this conversation online with the #machineeatable hashtag.

This event is likely to sell out quickly, so be sure to also RSVP for NYC’s very own #DataRescue event on Saturday, February 4th, for a full day to dig into this work.

Conversation leaders

Liz Barry, Sarah Lamdan, Bronwen Densmore, Bethany Wiggins, Laurie Allen, Jerome Whitington, Brendan O’Brian


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