Publish records and files into human- and machine-readable formats

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(The People's Roadmap Moderator) #1

Creative Commons (and The New York State Senate circa 2009) produce content that is readable in three layers - human, legal, and machine. The current practice of producing content in PDFs and not publishing machine-readable formats must end. One way to address this would be to update Local Law 11 of 2003 to require agencies to publish all publicly available information on the Internet in a timely fashion and in user-friendly formats. The Sunlight Foundation calls this Public Online Information Law (POIL). This update would end the practices of documents or reports with data being printed onto paper, saved into PDFs and CD-ROMs. Additionally, this would end the practice of making this information only available for purchase through the CityStore.

Ideally, this update would require all city-wide reports that contain aggregated data, also have that data disaggregated and published in the city’s data catalogue. Additionally, in this process there should an advisory committee that establishes 21st Century internet design and publication policies across the City’s reports.