Post CodeAcross Kickoff Meeting


Great work and effort by all of you who attended this past weekend’s CodeAcross!

We were able to start working on interesting ideas and approaches for handling the data and PDFs, recruit new CROW members, so now the “only” thing that remains is to get to work on freeing the city’s arguable most important dataset.

We have been collaborating on the City Record with the City for the last 6 months, getting access to the data, adjusting the schema and setting milestones for our work towards the anniversary and deadline for the implementation of the law.

With the legwork done, this is the perfect time to join/re-join the project if you’re interested in getting down to writing parser, using NLP extracting concepts, improving schemas, freeing trapped data from PDFs and coming up with other way to make the city record more accessible.

We’ll be doing our first post-CodeAcross kickoff meeting tomorrow Wednesday at 7pm, at this week’s betaNYC Hacknight at the Coalition for Queens HQ, 31-00 47th Ave, Long Island City.

On the agenda is reviewing the goals and timeline as well as delegate smaller tasks and responsibilities across the tea,

Please let us know here if you have any questions and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


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@jqnatividad and I will be there!