Parsing Mayor's Office of Contract of Servics

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While using ipython to poke our data, I saw that every entry for Agency == ‘Mayor’s Office of Contract Services’ for the file “procPublicationRequest Oct-Dec 2014 (Updated) - Sheet1-2.csv” has the same meeting date/time. It could have been entered or extracted incorrectly – Not sure what it means, but at the very least you can use this scratchpad/notebook for your own experiments.


Hi Amal, the link is not working. is it because I updated the folder placements on github?

For the public hearings by “Mayor’s Office of Contract Services”, I’m getting a few different times. E.g. for 20131104113 I am finding December 10, 2014 at 2:30 p.m., or for 20131104111, I’m finding “October 8, 2014 at 2:30” int the additional description field. Are we looking at the same time?

Let me know and if we can’t figure it out we can get in touch with the people at DCAS directly.


Hi Mikael,

Thanks for the quick feedback. The data is fine – I’m a boob (code error). I’ll modify the notebook, so others can poke around as well

No need to bother the fine people at DCAS.


If we have a crow group together at the next meetup, I’d love to tinker with this notebook (or any other) to explore data and look for parsing options.

No problem! Glad I could help.

A get together at the meetup sounds like a great idea. I’m not around, but I’m sure some will be able to come out. Do you want to create a thread and ask who can make it this Wednesday?

Hi Guys,

I made some progress with the Office of Contracts service data. Along the way, I remember why I hate regular expressions.

See Notebook with code and result.

If anyone wants to get together and flush this out some more, let me know.

– Amal