Palantir and the NYPD, a big bag of snakes or snake oil?

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(Noel Hidalgo) #1

NYPD is arguing w/ its former vendor, Palantir, over data translation keys.

Also, NYPD might have lied in front of NY City Council.

Lastly, “NYPD may have actually paid Palantir a whopping $17.5 million over five years, seven times the amount reported publicly.”

“Consider, for example, the exchange between NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Legal Matters Larry Byrne and Councilmember James Vacca at the June hearing. Vacca was concerned about private access to NYPD data, asking whether New Yorkers should “be concerned about these private companies having access to their information.” Byrne assured Vacca that the information obtained by the technologies being used “remains within the confidential protection of the NYPD and is not shared with outside vendors.” But the NYPD’s new fight with Palantir tells a different story, suggesting not only that Palantir has access to NYPD data, but also that it considers some information derived from that data to be its private intellectual property.” - Just Security Article