Paid Part-time: React Developer Needed for Open Data Project

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(Mikael Hveem) #1


We are in the midst of launching Opn - a platform that seeks to transform the way people interact with and govern their cities. ( We just started the front end development last week, but our React developer had to drop out yesterday because of family issues.

We need someone to take his spot ASAP. Paid, temporary position, flexible hours.

So if you or someone you know is interested in building smart cities with open data and digital tools, please let me know! Details below.


Project Summary
Develop a Progressive Web App with React that connects to our REST Web Service; Late Feb MVP Delivery, with potential continuation; 50h estimated workload

Client Requirement:

  • Web client for our CMS system
  • Built on PWA-principles
  • Integrate multiple 3rd party open source libraries

We have

  • Static React Application (We have already generated our GUI into .js components)
  • Interactive API Documentation for REST API (Swagger, allowing easy testing of calls)
  • Detailed SRS Documentation
    -Collaborative and talented team


  • Have ninja skills in using React, REST APIs, GIT
  • Are a team player and good at finding existing solutions and integrating 3rd party libraries
  • Are available for 50h of work in February starting this week, and available part time for consecutive 2-3 months (5h per week). (When and where you work is flexible).

We offer total project fee or hourly rate for 3 months based on agreement. Possible continuation as part time with equity if good fit.

If interested, send an email at, subject line [Part time: Opn React] with some links to previous work/projects and we can have a chat this week.

About Us

Based at the Center for Social Innovation, from where we have spent the last two years working on initiatives to create better digital access to public information

Designed together with city staffers and residents in New York City, our soon to launch Opn portal seeks to increase the access points and lower the literacy barriers to public information for residents