Paid Fellowship for Social Impact: Blue Ridge Labs

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Get paid to build tech that makes a difference.

Our Fellowship helps top developers, designers, product managers, and “experts” (whether that be academic, professional, or people with lived experiences) build new digital tools for low-income New Yorkers. We start with an intensive eight-week Research Phase, delving deeply into the lived experience of people to discover insights that lead to potential product ideas. Followed by an 80-day Build Sprint, where the best ideas a that come out of the Research Phase are tested, validated, and built.

Our previous Fellows, joining us from places like Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Twitter and more, have created new social ventures that fight poverty. Things such as an app that makes using food stamps simple easy and delightful, to a platform that helps renters get things fixed in their apartments. Some of these apps have raised millions in private venture funding, helped hundred of thousands of people, and made a real impact on the world.

It’s full time, paid opportunity to build a new social venture from the ground up with a top notch group of peers in a well supported environment.

Each year, we pick a challenge to help us frame the first two months of Fellowship research. The challenge provides an entry point to help us dig into pain points and opportunities, and every Fellow chooses to interpret it in their own way.

In 2018, we’re exploring the barriers working parents face around employment. Increasingly, working New Yorkers are unable to make ends meet.

  • 45% report being underemployed – wanting to work more hours if they could.
  • More than half of this group are already working full-time, suggesting their wages are not sufficient to match the city’s rising cost of living.
  • These workers face a range of challenge – family care responsibilities, health issues, and material hardships, and many lack English proficiency, a high school diploma, or both, which prevents them from moving into higher paying careers.

We know technology is reshaping the future of work – we want to see how it can drive positive outcomes.

We are looking for excellent, full stack engineers who want to put their skills to work to make the world a better place.

Press from organizations launched from our Fellowship:


  • 4 months long
  • Applications close: February 26 at 11:59pm EST
  • Finalist workshops: April 7 and 15
  • Fellowship Start: June 4
  • Fellowship Ends: October 5
  • A real stipend, research budget, plus health insurance reimbursement

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