Overhaul the City's technology agency, the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) & Chief Information & Innovation Officer

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DoITT has been a pioneering body of NYC’s government technology, but over the last few years it has become clear that its internal departments and structure needs re-evaluation. NYC’s DOITT needs to be seen as a highly energetic, imaginative, capable and effective place to work, but unmistakably an organ of municipal government, chartered to serve the public good. Similar to the UK’s Government Digital Service, NYC DOITT should be pioneering the ideas that:

  1. Government itself needs to think in digital in order to deliver services which are suitable for users.
  2. As digital by default comes into effect, the scale of government service provision will grow dramatically, and the quality and user-centricity of major commercial internet properties should be the minimum goal.

NYC DoITT should aim to make best-in-class products and services, but its products should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the sort of digital experience that users come to expect from daily interaction with the giants of the web.

Additionally, DoITT needs the power to overhaul its procurement practices and elevate the role of the Chief Information & Innovation Officer to a position of power and not simply a technology plumber.