Open geo data for NYC Community Board boundaries?

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(David Moore - PPF) #1

I move apartments fairly frequently, so it had been a while since I tried to look up my Community Board.

I was surprised how unfriendly the process is - does anyone have open GIS data for boundaries, to make a super-easy standalone site? (Like the city council districts on the portal, which we used on NYC Councilmatic?)

Current process: from internet search, land on page, go to DoITT’s NYC city map for lookup by street address, enter a correctly formatted address, then scroll down at far-right and click to expand tab for “Neighborhood info”, then follow tiny-formatted link to individual CB page.

A stand-alone URL & site could host a straightforward civic app to find CB’s, follow them on social media and email groups (if avail.), and get reminders about next events, with links to add comments in advance. We’d be pleased to add this public resource to our open-source, non-profit NYC Councilmatic if useful.

To what extent are CB districts encompassed by city council districts? Obvs. there are 59 of former and 51 of latter.

Who are the leading CB’s on responsive public technology?

Can DoITTT liberate this geo data quickly? Haven’t asked yet.

If comprehensive open data isn’t avail., how much of the city can we cover with known boundaries?

Has no NYC civic hacker tackled this recently? Don’t mean to duplicate efforts.

(David Moore - PPF) #2

I should add I searched the open data portal for terms around “community board” and “CB districts” and didn’t find GIS data, just stuff like appointments and applications.

(David Moore - PPF) #3

Found a data source from a domain expert, down under Admin Boundaries. Will put it in our open-source dev queue, or volunteer contribs welcome! Email anytime, info at