Open Data brunch at Civic Hall - Friday July 7th, 10:30 am

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(David Moore - PPF) #1

For anyone who’s interested and free to attend, I’ll be rambling at a relaxed brunch on Friday, July 7th, at 10:30 am, at Civic Hall in the Flatiron. MeetUp, RSVP.

I’ll aim to make it contentious and relevant. Rowdy pushback welcome. Ping me anytime in advance to hear more about topics I’ll be seeking to cover, from the generally-encouraging state of #opendata in NYC to longstanding challenges at the federal level for public accountability.

(I’m happy to share my planned slides, but they’re borderline incomprehensible - see a January '16 blog post on open data infrastructure for some idea of what the inside of my head sounds like, pretty much all the time.)

Contact me anytime, email: david at ppolitics dooot org, @ppolitics on Twttr, davidmooreppf on Slaaaaaaack. I’d like to be able to type that gluten-free brunching options will be available, for those who eschew bagels & bread as much as possible, but I’ll have to get a hard count on the yogurt heads first.