Online Voting in Future U.S. Elections?


In the 2016 U.S. presidential election, only 54.7% of eligible voters participated. Are we facing a long-term decline in voter turnout due to our civic culture, disillusionment from the Electoral College, or lack of accessibility? Could technology eventually help improve voter turnout?

In a 3-part podcast series, we explore the future of online voting – specifically, whether it can improve turnout, the technology challenges that would need to be overcome for safe deployment, and the kinds of changes we could expect to see in American politics if it became a reality, featuring a number of interviews with experts and entrepreneurs in the space. Predicting Our Future is a podcast led by serial entrepreneur Andrew Weinreich, tracking the next big revolutions in technology as seen by a startup founder.

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(Noel Hidalgo) #2

Very interesting subject. Will you be including female voices? I only see men on your ‘interviewees’


Thanks! I reached out to a number of men and women to be interviewed, but unfortunately, the women either didn’t respond or couldn’t be interviewed within the podcast production timeline.

– Jessica