NYPD Felony Crime Data with lat/lon has been released

(Chris Whong) #1

Data is here: https://data.cityofnewyork.us/Public-Safety/NYPD-7-Major-Felony-Incidents/hyij-8hr7

If you want it as SHP or geoJSON, get it here: https://team.cartodb.com/u/chriswhong/tables/cpnv/public

Here’s an interactive map. Be sure to read the data notes, there are a lot of anomolies (rapes are geocoded on a police precinct, and all DOJ incidents show up as Riker’s Island:


(Joel Natividad) #2

Here’s the press release BTW

And interestingly, the day before the press release, some analysis on how Cities stand on Crime Data sharing from FiveThirtyEight.com

Now that NYPD has crossed over into the open threshold, my hope is we can start iterating for better open crime data. Right now, the data only meets the minimum release requirement per FBI’s Unified Crime Report standard and is only updated on a quarterly basis. Hopefully, NYC also joins the Police Data Initiative - https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2015/10/27/police-data-initiative-5-month-update

(Tim) #3

Wonder if they are going to release historical data? When they previewed the data they included 2014 as well.