NYC now publishing standardized open data on social service providers

(greg bloom) #1

Hi folks - we’ve got this cool announcement from NYC’s Office of Economic Opportunity today.

This is, i believe, the first such instance of a government publishing consolidated, standardized data about all of its contracted service providers. In part, NYC is able to do this because of the data infrastructure built up across multiple administrations (like HHS Accelerator).

Some notes: it’s not quite data that anyone should use to refer people directly to services, as it’s only coming from the contracting process, and probably often lacks some important layers of information that a would-be client needs to know.

But as an input to broader collaborations around health/human/social services, like those run by Sarapis or Streetlives, it could be a very valuable input!

Curious to see what else BetaNYC might make of this resource. I’d be glad to discuss, if i can be of help!

BTW, many thanks to Noel, among others from BetaNYC over the years (like Ariel!) for guidance and advocacy and other efforts to get to this point.