NYC Councilmatic: now, with email alerts & embeddable widgets

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(David Moore - PPF) #1

Yesterday, our non-profit project NYC Councilmatic launched major new features - free & open-source:

  • Email notifications of tracked items - from a free user account - including advanced search queries!

  • Embeddable HTML widgets of council members and legislative items

  • Email notifications of public event schedules, e.g. committee hearings, with links to agendas

  • Search enhancements - by date, title, or relevance

Please help our non-profit work on local engagement by sharing my announcement: get email alerts for NYC Council.

Get in touch with feedback - or bugs or UI suggestions on GitHub, big shout out to Chicago’s civic tech company DataMade as stellar tech leads. Let me know what local issues you’re tracking, and feel free to forward to community boards, advocacy groups, neighborhood associations, and political blogs.

Happy to chat in more detail or take questinos, email: david at, @ppolitics on Twttr, also @nyccouncilmatic and on dreaded FB. Hope to hear feedback on what search terms you’re tracking, available free of charge to the public for the first time on our non-profit project. I’ll note briefly, I’m a big supporter of the Speaker Mark-Viverito’s “Council 2.0” initiative, the Council leadership’s work on tech for accessibility, and the awesome (really awesome) Council Labs site.

Last, we’re actively seeking charitable funding support to maintain NYC Councilmatic over this coming citywide election year, so please feel free to forward to area philanthropists or issue organizations, more info available upon request. Thanks.

(Noel Hidalgo) #2

@drm this is so cool! Thanks for all of your hard work.

(bahij) #3

@drm Wow, this is fantastic. Great job. I’ll definitely be sharing this.

On funding, if you are not already getting City Council funding for this I would definitely investigate. City Council capital budgets are due in February and expense in March, so now is the time Councilmembers are allocating money.

City Council funds are admittedly a big pain in the ass to apply for, but I think a lot of CMs would be very interested in funding this and guide you through.