NYC Buildings API

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Hi I don’t know if this would be of interest to anyone on here but about a year ago a friend and I built an API for NYC Buildings. The repo is here:

We also started some documentation here:

I just heard about this working group from the Code for America Brigade Slack channel and thought I would pop the repo in here. Happy to discuss if anyone is interested. We haven’t really touched the project in like 11 months, but maybe there might be some folks here that would like to partner up on it and we could “revisit” it.

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@kuanb this is cool! In the read me, you should put a link to the issues sections to ask questions or engage with the developers.

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@kuanb This is cool. I’m working on a startup focused on the built environment and this could come in pretty handy down the line!

Hey @kuanb, I actually just went to use it today! But not sure I can get what I’m looking for (at this moment) on there - I’m trying to run a query to get the number of buildings with 6 stories or more. Do you know if there’s a way to access the DOB data that way? Thanks!

Hey - yeah we didn’t build that type of querying in… Have you tried playing with the Pluto database? I believe that Carto had hosted a version of it at one point… I haven’t looked into it fully but I think they did some sort of update to it like 2-3 months back:

Awesome I’ll check it out now! Thanks!