Non NYC Data Visualization assistance requested

(Tim) #1

I have been working on cleaning up some Comptroller data from the County of Nassau(NY). So far my efforts have been on the data side. I am looking to get my feet wet on the visualization side. Looking to see if there is someone who can help me get started, either by creating me a sample visualization with my data . I have lots of data and I have done some aggregating/cleaning and am looking to take the next step.

(Joel Natividad) #2

A quick way to get started is to upload the data to, and then use the OData endpoint in the Data API button for that dataset to connect to the free Tableau Public. No coding required :slightly_smiling:

This was how the Link.NYC Explorer and the dotNYC Explorer was done:

If your data is not that big, and its geospatial in nature, I’d sign up for a free account with CartoDB.

With OpenRefine, you can take screenshots of the faceting panels on the left hand side when it summarizes data.

There are also code-free tools like and Qlik, etc. that you may want to look into.

Only if none of these tools fulfill your requirement, will I bother to look into developing something…

(Jerry Kestenbaum) #3

Tim, the fellow who responded to you (Joel Natividad) is an expert at converting municipal data to useable visulazation and open data. I partnered with his firm to create a NYC violations and reporting dashboard for my building-owner customers. Wish we had more open data from Nassau County, where I am a homeowner. Maybe you should introduce them to the Nassau County technology & data teams, and consider hiring them. They are awesome.(this was totally unsolicited feedback from me).

Jerry Kestenbaum’
Founder and CEO