New Schema Repo?

@cds I see that there is a new repo on the city’s GitHub. If you have a chance, please add a bit more context… Just a bit more context will ensure the City doesn’t accidentally delete it.

Hi Noel,

I got pulled into a meeting mid git session. Will have more context there by this evening

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@noneck Noel,

I wanted to logically separate the Schema and Parser concerns for the City Record Online project to allow for quicker dev/learning and streamline the development to deployment process. It still has a few kinks to work out, but I feel we can do it.

Btw – here’s an example of what a schema can look like.


@noneck and @cds ,

Following this, I also renamed the initial repo ‘CROL-Parsing’ as that what we are essentially using it for. This makes the relationship between the two clearer, thus further facilitating on-boarding.
Updated the Readmes a bit as well. Will add to that later in the week.