Need help downloading Nassau County Election data

(Tim) #1

Just checking to see if anyone has a toll that can help me download the election results from this site:


(sromalewski) #2

Couple of ideas. You could reach out to Timothy Healy at Newsday who works on these projects; maybe they could share the data with you or point you to the source. Tim’s Twitter handle is

Or if you view the source for the map page, you’ll see that it accesses data via Google Fusion Tables, so you could grab the table ID and then use the Fusion Tables API to access information about it, and perhaps the underlying data records themselves:

(Chris Whong) #3

Using the 2nd method that Steve described, you are looking for a fusion
table ID in the javascript for the site.[image: Inline image 1]

Once you find it, the URL is the same for all fusion tables, you just swap
out the docid URL param:

From here you can export as CSV.

(sromalewski) #4

Chris, that’s a beautiful thing. Perfect. And not to belabor the obvious, when you see the resulting rows in Fusion Tables, the election district numbering is as follows (for those of you unfamiliar with Long Island political geography):

  • EDs are numbered uniquely and sequentially within Assembly Districts (that’s why there’s a “Town/Assembly District” column), which also implies that ED boundaries are coterminous with ADs;
  • the “Location” column provides a unique ID for each election district on a countywide basis;
  • the first character of the Location value is a code for the town or city (there are three towns and two cities in Nassau County: 1 = City of Glen Cove; 2 = Town of Hempstead; 3 = City of Long Beach; 4 = Town of North Hempstead; and 5 = Town of Oyster Bay);
  • the second two characters correspond to Assembly District; and
  • the last three characters represent the ID for the actual election district.

Hope that helps!

(Tim) #5

Excellent. Thanks guys that helps. I will reach out to Tim Healy regarding the original source of the datasets. MY plan was to show the relationship between registered voters and turnout by ED.