Moving toward a unified discussion platform

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Comms update

Over the last year, we have started a handful of discussion lists. These were experiments in community. One year later, we are deploying as NYC’s online home to civic tech, open data, open gov, and smart communities.

As a member of our existing CROW working group, we are inviting you to join us.

NYPL Civic Hack Event & Code Across 2015

Also, this weekend we are kicking off the next phase in the workgroup. By Friday, we are promised a three month data dump. We will use this data at the NYPL’s civic hack data day and at Code Across NYC 2015.

Next steps

At both events, @jqnatividad, Mikael, and I will share the schema, and spearhead the development of a parser.

Our long term goal is to have this parser live WITHIN the halls of DCAS. Also, it looks like DCAS will start to capture dates and locations. THIS IS A HUGE WIN. By the anniversary of the law, we will start to have clean data and location data.

Join us as we kick off a new year and a new milestone!

Nice! I was going to ask if this were going to replace all the current google groups.

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