Moving from Houston - What Can I Do?

(Jordan Poles) #1

Hi All,
My name is Jordan, I just graduated from Rice University down in Houston, Texas and will be returning to live in NYC in the coming months. While down in Houston, I volunteered with a group called SketchCity which seems very similar to the community here at BetaNYC. I really enjoyed working and creating with their community, and I’m hoping to get started with the same thing here! I’m wondering how I should get going and pick a good project to start or join.

I’m particularly interested in matters of open data, community building, and social injustice (I like to focus on issues of healthcare inequity). I’ve got a solid set of skills including general programming, web development, data analysis/visualization, and machine learning. Some examples of my past work include a map of Houston illiteracy covariates for the Houston Center for Literacy; a report and map detailing my analysis of Houston’s parking ticket infractions; and participating in a redesign of a responsive webpage for connecting citizens to the Houston PD’s non-emergency services.

(Jordan Poles) #2

Sketch City uses the Issues feature on a “Project Ideas” Github repository in order to help collectively brainstorm. Does something like that exist here?

(Noel Hidalgo) #3

Welcome Jordan!!!

I just got back from a Brigade Board National Agenda Council meeting and
was very jealous of our comrade’s project sites. Would you be interested in
helping us craft something that would cut across the city?

Kinda like a civic tech mutual aid site?

(Jordan Poles) #4

Yea, I’d certainly be interested in helping to develop this page! What is the best approach to take here?

I imagine we’ll want to come up with some overarching goals for the design and function of this site to begin with. Are there any other stakeholders who should be joining in on planning?

(Jordan Poles) #5

What are your thoughts on the creation of a new category (or subcategory) on the forum for brainstorming, sharing, and collaborating on new project ideas? Something akin to what I mentioned above.

(Noel Hidalgo) #6

@jpoles1 hit me up on BetaNYC’s Slack. Lets schedule a time to map this out.

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