More analyst positions (Subways Technology, Preparedness, and Communications group) with MTA New York City Transit

(Sam Salkin) #1

In addition to what I posted in July, my group is hiring more analysts for our group (recently reformed as the Subways Technology, Preparedness, and Communications group).

We’re looking for analysts with a range of expertise (everything from developers to generalists but all with a focus on improving operations through adoption of digital tools). We do some very cool/impactful work and are striving to help the Subway improve how it does its work. This position is well suited for anyone in the civic tech realm but also anyone interested in understanding how a complex organization moves six million people a day. Our scope extends beyond tech into improving the Subway’s preparedness and ability to rebound from disruptive events (severe weather, etc) as well as improving how we communicate internally. It’s a wide scope but all provide opportunities to work in an interdisciplinary environment with exposure to a lot of different kinds of projects. We get out into the field often and get a lot of exposure to the operations of the system as well.


(Resident Mario) #2

Very cool! Big fan of work like this being done out there. Thank you for your service. :slight_smile:

Just out of professional curiosity, is this the same position that was advertised a month-ish ago on the MTA Developers Google Group? And do you know if you’ll be hiring early next year as well?

(Sam Salkin) #3

This is a similar position with the same team that was posted to the Developers Google Group but a different round of hiring.

I’d encourage you to apply now because while we might be hiring in the future, start dates can be rolling.