Managing notification e-mail volume

(Andrew Nicklin) #1

I’m struggling to find the right balance of receiving real-time e-mail notifications from this platform. Like everyone else in the attention age, I want to find a balance that keeps me reading but doesn’t overload my inbox and force me to separate wheat from chaff. With DataBot spewing out new messages even more frequently now - perhaps due to multi-language issue that @jqnatividad mentioned, it is getting harder and harder. Here’s what I have done so far:

  • I’ve muted DataBot for now, but that probably means I won’t see when a new dataset is added or a comment on a dataset is made (e.g., a valuable message).
  • I’ve shifted to daily digest e-mails, though that takes me out of the real-time loop.
  • I do have specific topics that I watch and track, so maybe those will come in real-time?

Any thoughts on how I might tune my subscription a little better? Thanks!

(Noel Hidalgo) #2

@technickle can you tell us which groups you are “watching” and have you filtered conversations based on “category?”

I have a filter for each “category” I am “watching.”

(Andrew Nicklin) #3

I’m not sure what you mean by filtering, but here are the settings from my user preferences page. The red circle is the item I just unchecked a little while ago.

(Also, very cool that discourse handles pasting images so easily.)

(Noel Hidalgo) #4

In gmail, I’ve created “filters”/“labels” to segment out all of the chatter.

Second, in the upper right hand corner of a category, you can control what type of message you are getting. You might want to move from Watching" to "Tracking.

(Joel Natividad) #5

@technickle sorry about the inconvenience. If @databot is not fixed by today, I’ll take him offline.

(Joel Natividad) #6

Triaged it for now by disabling selection of alternate locales. For now, is English only, so at least we won’t get false positive Databot syncs.

Will reactivate locales once Discourse integration is fixed. Will be sure to ping you when that’s so so you can unmute @databot. Thanks!

(Joel Natividad) #7