Is there a way to track the activity stream of a dataset in the City's Data Portal

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(Joel Natividad) #1

Just wondering, is there is a way to follow update activity to a dataset, similar to the kind of audit log you can see in CKAN’s activity stream? e.g.

Thanks in advance!

cc @awebber, @talos, @aileen

(awebber) #2

Hey Joel, you can subscribe to a dataset via RSS, or receive email notifications when a dataset is updated. The picture below highlights where this can be done from within a dataset.

[Inline image 1]


(Joel Natividad) #3

Hi @awebber, thanks for the 411 on the 311!

(John Krauss) #4

Yep – and Varun @ NYU CUSP built a nifty tracker for activity for all NYC datasets here: