I operate citygram.org and I'm here to help!

Howdy gang!

I am the operator of citygram.org, and have access to the heroku app. The City of Charlotte is finalizing a grant to Code for Charlotte to maintain and update Citygram with CfA as a fiscal sponsor. Danny Whalen was the primary author; we had a good relationship, and I know how the apps work. I took Charlotte live along with the launch of our open data portal. The brigade is committed to add features and datasets at the City of Charlotte’s request.

I do not yet have commit access to codeforamerica/citygram. My understanding is that CfA would like for codeforamerica/citygram to be canonical. I have no objection to this theoretically, but without commit access, there are some real limits to what I can do.

I am an owner of citygram organization, so we could use citygram/citygram as a provisional staging ground in which to merge/coordinate work.

I will be participating in Code Across tomorrow. Citygram will have my attention (but unfortunately not my sole attention) throughout the day.

Let me know how you think I can help!


Hi Jim.

I’ve been working with @fma2 on getting BetaNYCs fork of Citygram back in line with the root CFA branch, my goal is to get our look and feel running under the nyc city.

I planned to be focussing mostly on Citygram tomorrow, mostly cherry-picking out what is in the beta fork into a branch that could be pull requested back into cfa.

I’m happy for us to use citygram/citygram as a shared codebase for improvements before we get access to codeforamerica/citygram.

Would be great to sit down together tomorrow to go over my understanding of the project so far, talk about priorities for the codebase and plan out how we could get our branch back inline.

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Awesome. Are you on slack @dirkkelly?

I don’t get in there often because I use it for work. But I do have an

@bigfleet I have my slack set up for multiple organizations, you can add me as slack@dirkkelly.com

Hi @bigfleet! I just got back in town–unfortunately wasn’t able to make it to Code Across NYC.

I have a slack account but am not in any orgs. Hopefully, you can add me with farheen.m.malik@gmail.com. Let me know

Quick update for this thread: though I remain open to using Slack as a tool (and quite an effective one for getting my attention quickly), there are two other important facts. First, the CfA slack, while open to all, can be overwhelming to be a part of, and involves gatekeepers (however well meaning). Second, the conversation around Citygram as a whole does not have a permanent home as yet. My strong preference is to have especially these initial conversations in public so that posterity may benefit.

I appreciate that I suggested Slack in the first place!

As a practical note, @dirkkelly in particular has been getting PR’s accepted and reviewed with some regularity. I expect to be able to facilitate all merges requiring upstream impact.

@bigfleet I’m very much into all discussions in public, I generally keep my thoughts within pull requests and issues, this is a behavior I’ve been encouraging at Beta NYC hack nights.

@bigfleet I have some open Pull Requests that it would great to have feedback on. These changes will greatly help us in achieving a shared codebase.


Yikes, thanks for the reminders! Lots of these are slam dunks.

Thanks mate.

Hi everyone cc/ @bigfleet @fma2.

I believe I have the final pull-request necessary to merge CodeForAmerica’s and BetaNYC’s two efforts.

Running on https://citygram-nyc-codeforamerica.herokuapp.com/

Sorry it took so long, especially considering the overall simplicity of the final solution.

@fma2 we can now discuss how we can use the digest_day to automate your workload https://github.com/codeforamerica/citygram/commit/4c2533ba3e8cbdba16c6be8d19be42adf9225855

@dirkkelly that is great news - good work! Will pull the branch with the PR (root-city) to my local repo to check out how digest_day would work.