Hiring Emerging Tech Fellows at xD!

Hello everyone,

We are hiring emerging tech fellows (engineers, researchers, data scientists) to work with the US Census Bureau on Bias in Machine Learning and Geospatial imaging (computer vision/image processing). We’re looking for civic good innovators who want to drive their own projects, who thrive in positions that offer autonomy, who want to interact with academics and leading research groups in industry, and who are excited by the opportunity to learn and use the latest methods in the field.

We are a distributed, permanently remote team and hire from all over the United States, including NYC! We offer competitive salaries adjusted for locality and strong benefits packages.

You can find a detailed description of the position and fellowship program here: https://www.xd.gov/apply/

For more information, please contact Ally Burleson-Gibson at inquiries@xd.gov

Looking forward to hearing from you!