Help? 311 portal HPD complaints vs. HPD Building Info/Apartable HPD complaints

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I’ve been looking at a portfolio of buildings one-by-one on Apartable and then pulling up the HPD complaints from the 311 open data portal for each address but I’m not getting the same results. It looks like the Apartable data comes from the HPD Building info database and not the 311 portal, which stopped logging complaints around Feb. 2015 for some of the buildings I’ve looked up. Apologies in advance if this is just my error (or too simple a question for this forum) but I’ve run the searches several times and get the same results.

Here’s an example:

The latest HPD complaint on Apartable: 11/13/2015 (last updated 12/10/15)

Latest HPD Building info complaint history: 12/02/2015 (followed by the 11/13 complaint above)
Latest 311 Open Data portal HPD complaint (Incident address search): 2/16/2015

For several other buildings, I’m getting similar results - 311 Open Data stopped around 2/2015 but there are more recent complaints listed on Apartable (which I’m assuming come from the HPD Building Info dataset).

Any help, explanation would be much appreciated.



(Joel Natividad) #2

Data portals, in general, lags behind transactional systems. That’s why in open data circles, there’s a lot of talk about “open data dogfooding” to align incentives/feedback loops inside agencies, so they start using open data themselves internally.

Things are exacerbated by the fact that current open data publishing solutions are more like #FancyFTPServers, that cannot support transactional workloads (among other things… see

As open data matures, as 2018 nears (open data Y2K here in NYC), and with the recent tweaks to the open data law by the City Council, I’m hopeful that the data will become more current.

One thing of note in the Council’s follow-up effort is the mandate to reply to external feedback like yours within a prescribed time period. Until then, keep posting here at talk. I’m sure somebody in the community (which includes a lot of NYC govvies as well!) will be able to help you with your query.

(Dil Howlter) #3

I had a similar issue with the site, but it didn’t take too much for my problem to be resolved. As a student, the site made the process of apartment searching stress-free and comfortable. I was looking for apartments on when I realised the demographics of people around my age in the area weren’t very great, and I was also worried about moving into a new city not knowing anyone or where to go. This site helped with all of that, and it’s thanks to Apartable that I’m living in an apartment where I felt fully content with the process.