Has anyone crunched PlaNYC's building energy data?

(Brady Dale ) #1

Hi, my name is Brady Dale and I’m a reporter with the New York Observer. I’m working on a story for the commercial real estate paper on the city’s 80 x 50 plan (to reduce our CO2 emissions 80% by 20150).

The city has been posting data sets about building energy efficiency ever since a law disclosing that information passed.

I searched around on here but it doesn’t look like anyone has crunched the data. Does anyone know of anyone that has analyzed it?

-Brady Dale

P.S. formerly the guy at Technical.ly Brooklyn.

(Marc) #2

Hmmm…I might be tempted to crunch.

(Jill Hubley) #3

Hi Brady,

I hadn’t seen this data before, but your post prompted me to take a look. I was interested in the greenhouse gas emissions information, and wanted to see how it was spatially distributed, so made a map.
It’s here: http://jillhubley.com/project/nycemissions

There are some interesting patterns. For instance, there are a lot of buildings in the Diamond District with high emissions numbers.

I’m not sure if this helps with your reporting, but let me know if it happens to be useful.


(Brady Dale ) #4

OMG this is great and I forgot to come back here and I never saw it. I really love this.